Friendships Friendships are so important, and knowing how to find friends can be a challenge for many kids.  In this episode we explore: The importance of friends How to find friends Getting in touch with your interests The give and take of friendship You’re also invited to participate in a Mindfulness Exercise that helps youContinue reading “Friendships”

How to Grow the Connection Between You and Your Partner

It can be hard to connect with your partner if you keep doing things that keep you disconnected. I invite you to gain some awareness on the things that disconnect you from your partner or prevent your partner from connecting with you, and let’s also discuss some ways that you can grow and deepen your connection. 

Best Products to Build Connections

Having healthy relationships is an important aspect to your overall mental and physical health. Here are the best products recommended by a licensed marriage and family therapist, to help you build stronger and healthier relationships.

At Home Date Night Ideas

Getting out of the house isn’t a requirement for a great date night. Being creative and using what you already have is not only practical, it can also be exciting. Relationships are built on trust and vulnerability, but they are also about friendship and fun. Getting playful makes date time more exciting. When leaving the house isn’t an option,Continue reading “At Home Date Night Ideas”

When You Have BIG Feelings Having big feelings is a normal part of life. Sometimes when we feel our feelings and they become too big, we call that being disregulated. Some feelings might be harder than others. In today’s episode we explore how we can co-regulate with kids to help them get through their big feelings. I invite you toContinue reading “When You Have BIG Feelings”

SMART Goals for 2023 Instead of New Years Resolutions we’re going to make SMART Goals for 2023. I also invite you to join me in a mindfulness exercise that will help prepare us to meet our goals. Bring the family together for this episode and make sure to check out my Zigazoo page for more mental health contentContinue reading “SMART Goals for 2023”

Honoring Your Needs Today we explore our needs, from the basics like food and water, to important connections like family and friends. We also discuss why safety, both emotional and physical is so important to living a full and complete life. I end today’s podcast with a mindfulness exercise that encourages us to honor our needs. JoinContinue reading “Honoring Your Needs”

Make the Holiday Season More Meaningful

Use my FREE guide to make this holiday season more meaningful. Create shared values, set expectations, learn how to set and maintain boundaries, and create new traditions.

Understanding Surrogate Partner Therapy Today’s guests are Angela Porter, licensed professional clinical counselor, and Andrew Heartman, certified surrogate partner.  On this episode we explore the dynamic between surrogate partners, clients, and therapists. We identify ways that this can impact how a person relates to others, provide healing, and change lives. Andrew shares how being a surrogate partner hasContinue reading “Understanding Surrogate Partner Therapy”