505 Family Therapy

Couples Therapy that will help you reach your relationship goals.

Start rebuilding the trust you once shared with each other and experience a new and deeper connection.

My Approach

I specialize in couples that have a deep commitment to one another and are wanting to have a strong foundation for the family they’re creating together. I work with the entire family system, including external family members and children. If your partner is not ready or willing to attend therapy, working with me will still be helpful. Even one partner gaining awareness on relationship patterns can initiate change in your family.

I’m Annalyse.

I am licensed marriage and family therapist and I love to work with couples and families. I am a bit nerdy and don’t always have the best metaphors, but I show up authentic and create a space where you will feel safe to explore the challenges you’re facing.

I am married with three kids, and I know about the stress of balancing personal needs, relationship needs, and family needs. Managing the task load and the mental work of a healthy relationship and family life is hard, and together we can work on a system that supports both you and your partner. I want to work with you, collaborating, because I believe you are the expert on your life and relationship.

Online Therapy for New Mexicans

Telehealth is a great option. It allows flexibility for you and your partner. You can login from anywhere you can access the internet. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and microphone.

Now you can avoid a commute to an office, you can schedule during a work lunch break, or between school drop off and your work day.

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