About Me

I am the owner of 505 Family Therapy. I work with families, couples, and individuals. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the state of New Mexico.

I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s Degree focusing on Theater Education. I completed my Master’s Degree at Capella University in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have worked with young children and teens, families, couples, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.

My Treatment Philosophy

The Whole Person

When treating individuals, families, or couples, it is essential to learn about the whole person, not just the surface or the “obvious”. Looking at the person’s present life, family and culture, and life experiences can gives me insight into the whole person. But it goes beyond even that! Looking at every aspect of the client helps me to understand their choices, and without judgement, help them reach their current goals.

Systems Theory

Whether it is mechanical parts, humans, or animals, all systems operate with basic principals. What does this mean to therapy? One person is not the problem, rather, the problem lies within the system. The system could be a family, a group of friends, a relationship, or even co-workers. So treatment should focus on the system and subsystems (i.e. parent-child) instead of the individual. This doesn’t always mean family therapy, it means focusing on how the system functions (even if it’s dysfunctional) and changing the parts that prevent the client from achieving their goal.


Hope is essential to my practice. I’ve always told my clients, “I’ll hold onto the hope until you’re ready to take it for yourself”. Some people I’ve worked with have come in completely vulnerable and desperate for change (I see them just walking in the door as a demonstration of hope). Sometimes clients can’t see they have hope, so I’ll hold onto it until they’re ready to see for themselves. Hope is the fuel that keeps the fire of change burning. With hope anything is possible!

Military Families & Star Behavioral Health Providers

As a Star Behavioral Health Provider I am trained to understand, assess, and treat the unique challenges that military members and their families face. CLICK HERE to find a provider in your area or for more information on this special training visit https://starproviders.org.

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