The Good, The Bad, The Military Family Part 3: ”Suck It Up Buttercup” The Grief of a Military Spouse

Books, podcasts, brochures, and resources discuss grief in relation to the loss of a loved one. But grief expands beyond death and has no limits to its reach. We grieve for any change in our life, from the smallest differences to the biggest losses. Grief touches us when we change a daily routine or habit and reaches deep into our body when we move away from our family or hometown. In this episode I explore the grief of a military spouse and ways we can transform through our grief.

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*Here are the journal prompts recommended in this episode:

  1. Describe what your grief feels like to you.
  2. What messages did you learn about grief and how are they blocking you from trusting, thinking, and feeling?
  3. Reclaim your thoughts and feelings. Create a timeline of the losses you’ve experienced over your lifetime. Ask yourself, how are these losses impacting my life?

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