“I’m Fine” – But Are You Really?

When you say “I’m fine” but you’re not, you are denying yourself the support and connection that comes from being vulnerable with others.

Finding A Couple’s Therapist

Are you ready to start couples therapy but not sure where to find the right therapist for you? Here are Five Steps to help you find the right therapist to help your relationship heal.

How to Grow the Connection Between You and Your Partner

It can be hard to connect with your partner if you keep doing things that keep you disconnected. I invite you to gain some awareness on the things that disconnect you from your partner or prevent your partner from connecting with you, and let’s also discuss some ways that you can grow and deepen your connection. 

Best Products to Build Connections

Having healthy relationships is an important aspect to your overall mental and physical health. Here are the best products recommended by a licensed marriage and family therapist, to help you build stronger and healthier relationships.

At Home Date Night Ideas

Getting out of the house isn’t a requirement for a great date night. Being creative and using what you already have is not only practical, it can also be exciting. Relationships are built on trust and vulnerability, but they are also about friendship and fun. Getting playful makes date time more exciting. When leaving the house isn’t an option,Continue reading “At Home Date Night Ideas”