Best Products to Build Connections

Having healthy relationships is an important aspect to your overall mental and physical health. We are born into relationships and rely on them for survival. This continues throughout all of our life. Creating relationships is the first part, but maintaining the connection over time is how you keep these relationships healthy and strong. Here are the best products you can buy to improve the quality of your closest relationships:

Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories, from Ester Perel. Esther believes that stories are the building blocks to relationships, and when you share your story with those you love you grow closer to them. There is evidence that feeling heard and understood helps your brain to feel safe. This game guides you toward learning skills on how to listen, and gives prompts on how to share. This game is a must for every close group of friends, family, and partnership.

Fair Play Book and The Fair Play Deck, by Eve Rodsky. Every couple with kids should read this book and play the Fair Play Deck to learn how to cope with the stress of life, balance the mental load, and find an equitable way to run the household and maintain the love and friendship in your relationship. This system helps your relationship with your partner and your children!

The Remble App Subscription, from The Love Therapist, Jordan Green. Remble is an app with daily videos, meditations, journal prompts, and guided activities to help you reach your personal and relationship goals. You can join with a monthly membership and use all of their tools and resources.

If you’re interested in learning more about healthy relationships and building strong connections, but aren’t ready to purchase any of these, follow me on social media! I create daily content that is engaging and educational. You’ll have opportunity to ask me questions and learn more about yourself and your relationships.

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