Understanding Surrogate Partner Therapy


Today’s guests are Angela Porter, licensed professional clinical counselor, and Andrew Heartman, certified surrogate partner. 

On this episode we explore the dynamic between surrogate partners, clients, and therapists. We identify ways that this can impact how a person relates to others, provide healing, and change lives. Andrew shares how being a surrogate partner has impacted his personal life, and together we work toward de-stigmatizing surrogate partner therapy so it can become more accessible.

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Want to learn more? Check out these resources Andrew provides:

TV documentary about SPT

Andrew’s website

The presentation Dr. Heather Howard and I did for ISSWSH, “Surrogate Partner Therapy: Tools and Lessons that all Providers can apply to Patient Care” is 2nd on this page of videos and interviews.

Surrogate Partner Collective

Surrogate Partner Code of Conduct

Legal and Ethical Statement

How SPT has changed since its inception.

Professional Courses (eligible for AASECT CEs):

  • Collaborating with Surrogate Partners in the Triadic Model
  • How to Help Generalize Surrogate Partner Therapy

International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA)

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