Let’s Get Curious… About Change

Change starts with some awareness that the way things are going isn’t working. But change isn’t always about doing something different, it’s about creating something new.

Want a new way of communicating, get curious about why it hasn’t been working in the past. Want a better sex life with your intimate parter? Get curious about what you and your partner like, need, and desire. Want more trust? Get curious see about where the trust broke before, and what you and your partner are each respossible for.

There are so many questions that help us explore our relationship. And so many questions that help us make a path to something new.

In relationships today, change is happening at lightening speed, and it’s amazing! What has once been “normal” is now just one way of expressing love and one way of relating to another person. Relationships look, feel, and are expressed in so many amazing ways.

If you are reaching for a change in your relationship, one that matches the growth you’ve made personally, try exploring how curiosity can initiate the thinking that leads to big change.

Here are somethings to get really curious about:
What relationship patterns are leading to dysfunction?
What role does my behavior play in the relationship struggles, what do I have control over to change?
What expectations do I have that are not being met? Are they realistic?
What are my core values and beliefs? Am I living out those beliefs in my relationship?

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